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The new 16-bit microcontrollers with 256Kb ECC Flash memory and 16KB RAM

The company Microchip Technology Inc. announced the launch of the PIC24 family of microcontrollers "GA7". The new controllers are among the lowest cost 16-bit PIC24 c amount of Flash memory 256K. These controllers allow you to create cost-effective devices and sensors Internet of things (IoT), portable medical and industrial instruments and devices. For more information, visit the Microchip company's website at: http://www.microchip.com/pic24ga705


Family PIC24 "GA7" enables developers to reduce consumption, cost and size. Controllers have a low-power modes, including multiple modes Sleep with a current consumption of up to 190 nA, which is claimed in battery applications. The new controllers have up to 256KB Flash and 16KB RAM memory and are available in 28, 44 and 48-pin packages as small as 4h4mm.

Microcontrollers PIC24 family "GA7" have independence from the periphery of the nucleus (Core Independent Peripherals, CIPs), such as the Configurable Logic Cell (CLC), Multi-channel Capture module, Comparisons, PWM (MCCP), and direct memory access (DMA). Application independent of the periphery of the nucleus allows the developer to perform some tasks in hardware, freeing up the controller core for other purposes, or be converted into a sleeping state.


The new PIC24F family also has a 12-bit ADC with a speed of 200 ksps, seven timers, and two universal asynchronous receivers-transmitters (UART).


Developer Support

The new family of PIC24F "GA7" supports your development board and ecosystem «Explorer 16/32 Development Board» (order number DM240001-2), as well as the module «PIC24FJ256GA705 Plug-In Module» (MA240039), plugged into the Explorer 16/32 Development Board. The new family is compatible with existing software Microchip is, including configurator code MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC), MPLAB X IDE development environment, compiler XC16 Compiler and cloud MPLAB Xpress IDE development environment.



The new family is available to order samples and in mass quantities. The family contains 9 microcontrollers with Flash memory capacity from 64 to 256K in the housings 28, 44 and 48 pins, including UQFN housing (4 x 4 x 0.5 mm), QFN, SOIC, SSOP, TQFP, and DIP.

Part Number Pin Count Program Flash (B) RAM (B) DMA ADC (12bit) Comparators
PIC24FJ64GA705 48 64 K 16 K 6 14 3
PIC24FJ128GA705 48 K 128 16 K 6 14 3
PIC24FJ256GA705 48 K 256 16 K 6 14 3
PIC24FJ64GA704 48 64 K 16 K 6 14 3
PIC24FJ128GA704 44 K 128 16 K 6 14 3
PIC24FJ256GA704 44 K 256 16 K 6 14 3
PIC24FJ64GA702 28 64 K 16 K 6 10 3
PIC24FJ128GA702 28 K 128 16 K 6 10 3
PIC24FJ256GA702 28 K 256 16 K 6 10 3

For more information, purchase or receive samples, please contact the staff of "Gamma - St. Petersburg", or in on-line shop Microchip link microchipDIRECT - http://www.microchipdirect.com/searchparts.aspx?q=ga7&resperpage=10