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NXP Introduces MiGLO Platform – Smartest Hearable Solutions on the Market

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, Dec. 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI), in collaboration with its customers and partners, is steering a new breed of earbuds into the market featuring MiGLO technology in NXP’s family of hearable solutions. NXP MiGLO represents our bold commitment and promise to deliver long battery life, exceptional audio quality and reliable wireless experiences while enabling development of small and comfortable truly wireless earbuds or hearables.


Excellent Audio Quality with No “Dropouts”

NXP MiGLO solutions are designed for high quality wearable audio applications. The MiGLO brand represents uncompromised audio quality at almost no power consumption. This includes a perfect wireless connection (to avoid drop-outs), low latency audio transport (to maintain lip sync) and tightly controlled left and right (L/R) audio synchronization (to maintain the stereo image).   


“Skybuds are the pioneer in using NFMI in earbuds, we want to offer our customers the gold-standard in audio quality with uncompromised connection. With NXP MiGLO featured in our Skybuds, we are confident we are delivering on this promise,” said Jamie Roberts Seltzer, CEO and co-founder, Alpha Audiotronics. “We chose NXP because they’re also innovators and can meet our quality standards. But just as importantly, we share a similar vision with NXP – to deliver uncompromising audio – and that’s important to our customers.”


Longer Battery Run Time

Today’s NFMI based MiGLO solutions are capable of streaming high quality audio ear-to-ear at less than 4mW. NXP aims to enable uninterrupted audio listening for a full day from a small battery without recharging.


“We adopted NXP’s technology to deliver flawless audio streaming at lowest power consumption in The Dash. Our upcoming product, ‘The Headphone’, will use NFMI as well to support high quality audio listening for up to six hours,” said Nikolaj Hviid, Bragi CEO.


Smaller Size for Better Fit

MiGLO solutions are available in Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP), requiring a minimum of external components. NXP MiGLO solutions are specifically optimized for wireless earbud applications, reducing the size of the end product. NXP MiGLO NFMI solutions are smaller than 11 mm2. With MiGLO solutions’ low power consumption, the earbud battery can be significantly smaller for the same battery life. Unlike other wireless solutions, NFMI is designed to work accurately even if earbuds get smaller in future.


For more information about MiGLO technology and products, please visit www.nxp.com/miglo.